Services Offered

Audits (tax audit, company audit, internal audit, bank statutory & revenue audit)

  • Involves audit & advice on tax planning & company law matters.
  • Tax audits, Statutory audits, Company audits, Audits of charitable trusts, Internal audits of corporation, Income tax return, Assessments & Company law returns.

Tax Planning (Company, partnership, HUF, Individuals, Charitable trusts)

  • Involves rendering of services in the form of quarterly returns, advance tax, form F & C, form no. 9, notification & sales tax assessment

Review/ Audit of systems

  • It involves verification of all aspects of the systems by adopting a test pack approach.
  • The objective is to ensure that controls as specified vis- a- vis existing, commensurate with the nature and size of operations.

Management, Operational & Inventory Audits

  • Involves review of existing organization structure along with duties and responsibilities of management and operational staff, their inter relations and accountability at various levels.
  • The system of inventory management is reviewed to take care of physical maintenance as well as valuation.

Development Of Systems

  • MIS provides ready information about various products. The information contains the price, source & terms of procurement.
  • Tender information system provides details regarding the tenders floated, tendering authority, and quantity required.
  • Company order monitoring system reports enabled management to schedule delivery and procurement to optimize profits.
  • Personnel information system helps the management in employing the right candidate for each job.
  • Bank guarantee system provides information about bank guarantees, authorized personnel, expiry dates, beneficiaries etc.
  • Developed a system for the monitoring of the borrowers accounts and investment portfolio management system.The said system is an integrated multi-user system developed under LAN environment

Setting Up Management Information Systems ( MIS )

  • Developed a system on paddy procurement operations conducted at Bilaspur and Raigadh.
  • The system catered to the regular requirements of Inventory record management & also to the management information system required for the purposes of day to day decisions.

Other Services

  • Conceptual Design Studies
  • Conducting Socio-Economic Studies
  • Post Project Assessment Studies