FAQs - NGO sector/Charitable Trusts/Charitable Societies


Which establishment are covered by the Act?

If any establishment has departments or branches, are these departments or branches, to be
treated as separate establishments or parts of the same establishments?

Is the Act applicable to charitable institutions?

Who is eligible to become a member of the Fund?

Is a trainee an "employee" under the Act?

What is the contribution payable by the employer and the employee under the Scheme?

On what pay/allowances the P. F. Contributions is to be deducted?

What is meant by "excluded employee"?

Are the persons employed by or through a contractor covered under the Scheme?

Who is entitled to receive the accumulations in the Provident Fund account of a deceased member?

What is the provision of the Scheme in the matter of nomination by a member?

If an employee has a "family", can he make nomination in favour of brother?

What is the provision of the Scheme in the matter of transfer of members?

Is the employer required to pay administrative charges under the scheme?

Is any interest payable on the Provident Fund accumulations of a member?

Is it permissible for any member to contribute at a rate higher than the rate or 12 percent?

Is it necessary to deduct provident fund contribution from arrears of wages paid to an employee as a result of an award revising his scale of pay?

Have the employee and the employer to pay contribution on the entire pay of the employee?

Is the employer liable to pay the contribution when he is not in a position to pay wages to the

What are the powers of the Inspectors appointed under the Act?

Can a nominee of a deceased employee claim an absolute right in respect of the amount of
provident fund of the deceased employer?

What does it mean when section 10(2) of the Act says that the amount standing to the credit of a member in the Fund at the time of his death and payable to his nominee shall vest in the nominee?

Can the amount standing to the credit of any member in the Fund be assigned, charged or

Can Recovery Officer impose interest on the amount mentioned in the Recovery Certificate?

What are the various modes in which the Central Regional Provident Fund Commissioner can
recover arrears of any amount due from any employer under section 8 of the Act?

In what manner can the employer recover the moneys paid by him for or on behalf of a contractor?

Is is permissible to exempt any establishment from the operation of the Act because of
their financial position?

Does the Act apply to a poly clinic?