FAQs - Companies/Business Entities


How many and what services are covered under Reverse Charge. What is the nature of its chargeability?

Is service tax applicable on services provided by all directors to the company w.e.f. 1-7-2012?

Can service receiver deduct service tax from payment made to service provider?

How service provider should value a service?

Can Service Provider claim refund of excess Cenvat credit?

If entire amount of Service tax liability paid by service provider should it be demanded again from Service Receipient?

Can a service receiver ask the service provider to pay entire amount of service tax instead of service receiver paying the same?

Can the service provider avail of Cenvat credit when he is liable to pay 25% or 50% service tax?

Can the service receiver avail of Cenvat credit of tax paid by him under reverse charge?

How service provider should issue Invoice when part of service tax is payable by service provider?

Whether service tax is payable on gross amount paid to service provider or whether the amount paid can be taken as inclusive of service tax and then back calculations can be made?

Though we are liable under reverse charge, the value of service received by us is less than Rs. 10 lakhs per annum. Can we claim exemption from payment of service tax?

Whether service tax can be paid through Cenvat credit balance available with us?

What is due date for payment of service tax when service tax is payable under reverse charge?

What is meaning of 'Body Corporate'?

What is meaning of a 'business entity'?

Who is liable to pay service tax? Meaning of Business Entity and Body Corporate.