FAQs - Companies/Business Entities


I am in the business of running a chain of restaurants. I intend to sell my business. Am I required to pay service tax?

What is the tax liability of a person carrying out intermediate production process as job work for his clients?

Footwear Association of India is organizing a business exhibition in Germany for footwear manufacturers of India. Is Footwear association of India required to pay service tax on services to footwear manufacturers?

Whether the exemption provided in the mega -exemption to services by way of construction of roads, airports, railways, transport terminals, bridges, tunnels, dams etc., is also available to the sub-contractors who provide input service to these main contractors in relation to such construction?

What is the tax liability on services by the intermediaries to entities those are liable to pay tax on their final output services?

I am a Resident Welfare Association (RWA). The members contribute an amount to RWA for holding camps to provide health care services to poor men and women. Am I required to pay tax on contribution received from members?

What is the tax liability of a RWA on the charges collected from own members by way of reimbursement of charges or share of contribution for the common use of its members in a housing society or a residential complex.

I have taken on rent a piece of vacant land from its owner. The land will be used for providing the facility of vehicles parking on payment. What is my service tax liability?

I have a bus with a contract permit and operating the bus on a route. The passengers embark or disembark from the bus at any place falling on the route and pay separate fares either for the whole or for the stages of journey. Am I required to pay tax?

Is giving of a bus on hire to any person liable to tax?

I am running a hotel having the facility of central air-conditioning. There are number of restaurants in the hotel. Am I liable to pay service tax on to serving of food or beverages in these restaurants?

What is the significance of declared tariff?

I am setting up a wheat flour mill. The supplier of machines is demanding service tax on erection and installation of machineries and equipments in the flour mill. Is he is right in demanding service tax?

Are repair, maintenance of airports, ports and railways liable to tax?

What is the service tax liability on construction of two - floor house constructed through a contractor? My contractor is demanding service tax. Is he right in doing so?

I am constructing a residential complex for my client. The houses are predominantly meant for self-use or the use of the employees. Am I required to pay service tax?

I am a contractor in number of projects for constructing roads. What is my tax liability on construction of roads under different types of projects?

What is the significance of words predominantly for use other than for commerce, industry, or any other business or profession?

Which are the construction services exempted when provided to the Government, a local authority or a governmental authority?

What is the tax liability of advocates, or arbitral tribunal in respect of services provided by them?

Are all services provided to a governmental authority exempt from service tax?

Are services provided to all international organizations exempt from service tax?